Severe weather threat returns this weekend

Posted: 2016/04/29 in Weather
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First the admins want to share a story too good to pass up that happened in the Pontoon Beach area this morning:



It had to happen when the account was not being monitored due to admins having other commitments that morning.

Now the news is that there is a slight risk for severe weather for this weekend as another weather system comes through.  The severe weather threat that was for Wednesday did not miss this section of 270 by much (one missed just to the north, another just to the southeast), so it is better to post about it and have it bust than not post about it and see that whole area get hammered (we are approaching a 10 year anniversary of an event that happened on a 0% chance day of severe weather).

Keep in mind that forecasts are subject to change, and with 2 of the admins being out of town this weekend, it is important for everyone to stay tuned to the weather forecasts on radio or TV.


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