Two incidents in a matter of minutes trigger 80 minute delays

Posted: 2016/05/05 in accident, congestion
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With an early morning incident shutting down an alternate route this morning, there was little margin for error for people that normally take 270, especially with that construction zone just west of the Lilac exit.

Within minutes after the admins had to shut off phones due to work related reasons, the morning peak on 270 went down the drain.

First came an incident at Lilac:

Not even 5 minutes later, a second incident on the river bridge happened – right in front of one of our followers:

While the incident at Lilac mostly found the ditch and only blocked the one lane, it was a different story on the river bridge:


The incident on the river bridge allegedly caused hell for the first responders to get to the scene:


The combination of the two caused over 80 minutes of delays:

Neither incident is cleared before 09:00. It made the morning news but the good news is that everyone walked away.

There is a good reason why the “emergency detour routes” got published last year, it pissed off the admins seeing this:


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