#PokemonGoSTL warnings from the admins

Posted: 2016/07/14 in safety
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We are aware that PokemonGO is a popular game but the admins are concerned that it can lead to distracted driving.  This section of 270 was dangerous enough before the game came out.  The admins have been playing the game more so to figure out where the PokeGyms and PokeStops are at along 270.

If the game brings you up here, please make use of the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge just to the south of 270.  There is at least 3 PokeGyms and several PokeStops on that bridge itself to keep you occupied.  The Pokemon tend to spawn over land.  There is another PokeStop at the Welcome Center on Dunn Road at Riverview.


Catch them on the old bridge.

We are also aware that there is another PokeGym at the very inappropriate location of the 270/111 interchange at the northwest corner, along with the intersection of Route 3 at New Poag Road.  Both of those locations have nearby parking lots – make use of them.  There is some PokeStops right along Route 3 between Hartford and Granite City where you are only in range while on Route 3 as well – remember that a lot of people use Route 3 to get to 270.

There is no reason to play this game while on 270.  Give the phone to your kid or your carpool partner to play.  In fact these PSA have been steadily coming out this week:






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