The infamous Ride of the Century returns on 9/17

Posted: 2016/09/15 in safety
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A photo posted by Guru Khalsa (@gurustunts) on Aug 23, 2016 at 12:53pm PDT

It was announced last month that the date of the infamous tradition called Ride of the Century has been set at 9/17 during the afternoon hours.  While some of the details of the ride is kept secret it has been known that this event has utilized this section of 270 between 170 and Route 3 in recent years. This is an annual ride that has gone on for the past sixteen years and is always held in the month of September.  The most likely timeframe of the ride itself is between 13:00 to 17:00.  If you use this section of 270 on Saturday, please make wise decisions and be prepared to encounter delays.

The weather for the event on Saturday is not expected to be favorable, as there is a chance of scattered storms in the picture. The reason why we are adding the weather forecast is simple: there has been past rides that the weather forced them to change their route or push back the start, and the 2013 ride was affected by the weather (severe storms in North County pushed the riders to stay in South County and away from this section of 270).


The intent of the post is meant to warn the truckers and the normal people that would not suspect a large group of motorcyclists on a normal basis.  The group that takes part in the Ride of the Century is not your run of the mill motorcycle club event, and they are not escort riders that take part in the Patriot Guard.  (Similar to what you saw on 162 and Maryville Road in Granite City last month.) The group that does this event are professional stunt bike riders and they almost always film their rides for the purpose of making viral videos. This ride has drawn at least 1000 bikers every year for the past several years and has drawn media coverage in the past.

Below are videos of what happened last year that we didn’t post after the ride. Please note that all these acts on public highways are considered illegal and should never be attempted.

The ride last year caused at least two incidents on 270 up in North County and previous rides have not gone incident free.


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