Late morning peak hour incident delays WB 270 traffic

Posted: 2016/10/19 in accident

After what happened a week ago (it was at night), this incident gave the admins a very bad taste today:

The live feed images didn’t get a good look of this incident, but both westbound lanes got blocked briefly and traffic backed up all the way to 255. It caused about 30 minutes in delays but could had been worse had it happen an hour early. The construction delays on WB 70 in North County did not help the situation out:

That morning peak incident came exactly one week after this one that managed to block both westbound lanes for some time:

The delays went back to Route 3, largely cause this one happened late enough at night not to cause lengthy backups. Still, the crews were out here for an hour trying to clear this one that involved several vehicles.  This incident was the start of a very long night for the Mitchell Fire Department crews as they would get called out to a fatal home fire just a short time after clearing this one.
(Note – should had made the post about this one last week but there were other, more important priorities that cause this to be deferred.)


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