Freezing fog threat Monday, iffy winter weather moving in later in the week

Posted: 2016/12/04 in safety, Weather
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Normally posts regarding freezing fog doesn’t get posted to the site.  It is usually posted on the Facebook page when it is appropriate. The same is true for smaller winter systems.  (The big stuff and any freezing rain threat always get a post.)

Starting with the 2016-2017 Winter season, odds of encountering river fog will be posted on Facebook on Sundays whenever possible.  The reason why river fog becomes a concern this time of the year is pretty obvious -the morning peak has the risk of becoming the horror movie itself when the correct conditions exist.  This usually occurs in December, a month notorious for major incidents and almost every one of them hit first thing in the morning.  In fact almost every December brings some form of an incident when fog and/or drizzle starts to freeze.

The river fog probability risk for 12/5 through 12/10

  • 12/5 – High
  • 12/6 – Medium
  • 12/7 – Low
  • 12/8 – Low
  • 12/9 – High
  • 12/10 – Medium
  • 12/11 – Medium

While temperatures are expected to flirt with the freezing point tomorrow, the biggest concern is late in the week – as low temperatures are expected to bottom out in the teens.  It is still too soon to really address the serious threat for late in the week as the wind forecasts are not out yet but with the recent mild weather the Arctic cold snap will trigger some fog.

It is also to note that 12/8 is a well known date of notoriety and the last time temperatures bottomed out into the teens on that date brought some of the biggest chaos in the Riverbend since 1994.

When it comes to more significant systems this season do not be surprised to see nothing until 8 to 12 hours before the event.  The admins have seen forecasts made with model runs from 4-6 hours out bust, so unless we are certain that a winter system is a threat there will be no posts.

Yesterday the admins posted on Facebook about the biggest concern with the latest system was first thing Sunday morning.  Guess what:

Takes an hour to clear and thankfully it happened Sunday morning. Had this happened 24 hours later an incident similar to this will likely explode on the social media feeds that we follow.


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