Lane restrictions WB 270 for Monday

Posted: 2016/12/11 in Weather

Weather permitting there will be lane restrictions on WB 270 on the river bridge from 09:00 to 15:00 on Monday and that will mean delays that start near the canal bridge.

The weather forecast for Sunday is not favorable but the main event is expected to remain well to the north and the odds of anything icy has been reduced:

The weather the rest of the week is not expected to be very favorable with another major cold snap coming middle of the week and the weekend is not shaping up to be nice at all. There will be little mention about next weekend until Thursday or Friday.  Monday, however, is expected to be a quiet day on the weather front.

The river fog risk for the week of 12/12
Monday: medium
Tuesday: medium
Wednesday: low
Thursday: low
Friday: low
Saturday: medium
Sunday: medium

One of the admins will be out of town Monday and most of Tuesday due to work related reasons, so monitoring during the construction restrictions may not happen at all.


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