Freezing rain threat 12/13 for AM peak

Posted: 2016/12/12 in Weather

As the admins warned early on Sunday morning, the weather for this week was not expected to be favorable at all and earlier this evening the Twitter feed popped up with this tweet from a reliable local storm chaser:

Upon seeing this tweet a private message was sent to one of the local TV meteorologists that one of our other admins is a friend with. His coworker sent out this tweet about an hour later:

Then this was posted to the Facebook page of another one a short time later:

As a policy any mention regarding freezing rain threat draws a post, especially if it is projected to come during any peak period. The admins have seen countless times what a little amount of freezing rain can do on this section of 270 (it is never pretty), and the fact it is expected to hit during the morning peak compounds the potential problem. There was a reason today and tomorrow were graded as medium risks – this morning with the leftover moisture on the pavement in below freezing temperatures and tomorrow morning with a cold front moving in the area.

As a result plan on allowing extra time tomorrow morning. With one of the admins out of town until late Tuesday, another having to be in work early in the morning, and the other working the late shift, account monitoring may be spotty at best.


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