Evening peak freezing drizzle threat possible tonight

Posted: 2016/12/16 in Weather
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The admins thought about last night of making this post but after seeing weather models not make up its mind we decided to put this off til this morning to see what decision that the National Weather Service makes.  The NWS has issued a Winter Weather Advisory until 18:00 this evening, which will take it through the evening peak. This is the first part of a two part winter storm which will not miss this area but the main event will remain well to the north and west.

Phase 1 is the one the admins have the biggest concern. It takes very little freezing rain or freezing drizzle to cause massive problems on the roads, and unlike Tuesday morning, the ground is very cold due to the temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday being in the teens all day long. With the timing coming for the evening peak and hearing about last night freezing drizzle horror story in Oklahoma, there is serious concern for problems this evening.

In fact yesterday afternoon and this morning, crews have been pretreating bridges along the 270 mainline and there has been evidence of the liquid salt at various locations.

Phase 2 will not occur until Saturday afternoon but it will happen when a potent cold front moves into the area with very strong winds. Anyone driving high profile vehicles will have to take extra precautions and there is a chance of power lines being knocked down. The main threat, though will be the flash freeze that will occur due to the cold ground and mixed in with a quick hit of snow. While traffic will not be as heavy as Friday afternoon, the fact this is the last full weekend before Christmas will bring out more traffic than normal.


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