Potential AM Peak nasty weather threat 12/23

Posted: 2016/12/22 in Weather

Although the admins cannot make up the determination on what type of precipitation that this quick hit could bring, crews had been out earlier today pretreating bridges and the temperatures for Friday morning are expected to be borderline. Regardless of what could fall, the admins decided this morning to upgrade the risk to medium and set same risk for the rest of the weekend. The weather forecast for the entire weekend is not favorable and while the temperatures are expected to be above freezing for the majority of the weekend, rain is also in the forecast.

What happens for Saturday and Sunday, however, is none of the concern right now. The main concern is the morning peak Friday. While this morning peak is expected to be lighter than normal with most of the employers and schools on Christmas break, there will be a lot of truckers making the jaunt through here either to avoid the blizzard that is expected well to the north or to get in hot loads at the nearby distribution centers. Why the Friday morning concern? On an normal Friday, the timing of the precipitation is expected to hit during the morning peak. With projected lows expected to be at or below freezing (as this post was being written, the temperature at Alton was at 32), the poor timing of the nasty weather can lead to problems.

It was a night to largely forget last week.
That bad weather led to big problems in the St. Louis area when it hit at a poor time one week, and while this section of 270 didn’t have the major problems compared to the rest of the region, it was very shitty once you got east of 255. While the admins do not have the details on what allegedly happened on the hill east of 255 (one of them that normally goes through at that time of the day didn’t do the usual trip that evening due to a prior commitment), there were some horror stories of delays going over 3 hours. (Rest of the 270/70 Mainline from 255 to Effingham was a nightmare, with at least 4 different locations were blocked at some point Friday evening due to tractor-trailers failing to navigate hills and various minor incidents.) The following day brought a fatality incident on 255 at 270, and there were several incidents on the exit ramps between 367 and Riverview. All that drama came from freezing drizzle and some inversion fog – which emphasizes that it takes very little ice to cause big problems when it happens at the worst time of the day.  (Speaking of that 255/270 interchange, it was the second fatality incident in a month.)

That was a common sight on the ramps – and there is a brand new dent on the cable rails just east of 203 that wasn’t there just a week ago.

That was a total lie. Dunn Road was shit all night long, and there were a few incidents on the hilly mainline in North County the entire weekend.

While the admins hope that tomorrow morning does not bring a repeat performance of the peak period a week ago, keep in mind that last weekend forecast by the majority of the TV meteorologists in the St. Louis area was an horrible bust.


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