Police chase brings excitement to evening peak

Posted: 2017/12/22 in accident
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On Wednesday, one of the license plate readers put up in downtown St. Louis (if you are going to be a Clark Bridge regular, these devices are coming) supposedly identified a suspect vehicle from an crime earlier in the week.

Eventually the chase made its way to westbound 270 at 255 and that is where the news helicopters started to follow the chase.  The admins were at work at the time of the incident and missed the excitement that happened.

The chase went across the bridges nearly causing two incidents in the evening peak before the suspect got off the ramp to Riverview – the police had rolling road blocks set up further down the 270 mainline in North County but the suspect had other plans.

The chase would conclude later in downtown St. Louis, and the suspect is later booked on various charges.

That incident was a week after an shooting incident on Bellefontaine near Chambers last week that caused the police to block the 270 mainline from the river bridge to 367 for short time.


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