Icy mist expected tonight

Posted: 2017/12/29 in Weather
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While the NWS has only put an Hazardous Weather Outlook for this section of 270 as of 08:30 AM, Winter Weather Advisories are in effect along I-70 west of 270 less than 100 miles away.

freezing drizzle

With an warm front advancing and the ground very cold – along with a light and variable wind, it is possible that mist and inversion fog may develop in advance of a very strong cold front expected to move into the area Saturday morning.  With the high temperatures this afternoon not expected to go above freezing, very little ice has the potential to cause massive problems.  To make matters worse, this stuff is expected to develop in time for the evening peak.  Winter weather that always come in time for a peak period, no matter how weak it is, tends to cause trouble, as it happened last year where .03 of an inch of precipitation caused massive problems thanks to a busted forecast.

There is snow expected less than 150 miles to the north but that white stuff should miss this area.  Following the cold front moving through Saturday the temperatures are expected to bottom out:

While there is still some snow on the ground from last weekend the majority of that snow has either compacted or melted from exposure from the sunlight.

gross meme

The bottom line:  while the threat remains at medium, the Friday evening peak will be gross and nasty.  Plan for extra time to get home even though the traffic has been lighter than normal all week due to the Christmas holiday.


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