Mist and drizzle possible for the PM peak tonight

Posted: 2018/02/05 in Weather
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DISCLAIMER – this is just for the system tonight.  The one for tomorrow is still up in the air and will be posted after I get home from work between 01:00 to 02:00 Tuesday morning.


The image provided from the NWS late this morning is something that the admins were suspecting that Monday evening could happen.  When the risk forecast was written early this morning (shortly after midnight), the possibility was that we were on the fringes of the system moving through Monday evening but at a poor time.  Thus we had the threat at medium for favorable chances.

I stayed up until 06:00 to see what the morning local media was saying and there was no indication from two different TV channels that the threat needed to be upgraded.  Both were still acting like we were on the fringes.

I woke up around 13:00 and the first thing I checked was Facebook.  First thing on my feed was a winter weather advisory issued for this evening for this entire section of 270.  Thus we made the call to upgrade the threat to HIGH for this evening.  The NWS is thinking mist and drizzle with freezing temperatures will be coming in time for the evening peak.

Plan for a nightmare evening peak should the weather move in.  Yesterday a quick shot of snow moved in at a poor time – thankfully it was a Sunday – but in that section of 44 that is just southwest of St. Louis that is in rugged terrain – less than an inch of snow caused four different sections to close between Springfield and Rolla and couple of our other admins were sharing these posts on their personal Facebook accounts:

The emphasis is that it takes very little to cause big problems especially if it falls at a poor time. Given that 270 in North County is rather hilly, once a truck cannot navigate those hills due to the ice big problems can happen almost instantly.

Tonight can remind you what happened in December 2016 – when admins decided to disregard the local TV forecasts to make an emergency post – a decision that paid off here but less than 8 miles to the east of here on 270 was a different story all the way into Effingham.


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