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The word goes when there is one big incident, there is another within a short time frame.  Whether you treat this one and/or the one that happened in West County yesterday as such, please keep in mind this is the time of the year that the big ones have a tendency to happen.

When it came to both incidents that happened today (the one on the canal bridge this morning and the river bridge during the ensuing evening peak), the admins missed both of them.  One was at work and the other two were asleep on the first one (late nights mean sleeping through the mornings), and all were at work for the second one.  The page cannot be monitored on a 24/7 basis so please make use of these facebook groups:

Meanwhile this morning several vehicles were involved in this morning peak hour incident on the canal bridge:

This one backed up traffic to 111 and someone bragged that it took over 90 minutes to get from the Riverbend to Chesterfield via 270 this morning. This incident only took 30-40 minutes to get cleared but happened in the busiest hour of the morning.

Meanwhile the evening peak did not get off to a good start:

It took 20 minutes to clear this minor incident on the river bridge at the beginning of the evening peak. This one also happened westbound.

Both incidents paled in comparison to the two big ones that happened on 270 yesterday – just that it happened in West County and caused 9 long hours of traffic nightmares for some of the people that use 270 out of the Riverbend and then head towards West County:

And this came following a morning peak incident up in North County that managed to back up traffic towards 367:

It is safe to say that 270 has been a beast during the morning peak the past few weeks. Any other words to describe it would likely require NSFW warnings.

The latest winter winter event brought at least 3 mainline incidents between Routes 367 and Route 3 and possibly a few more that we missed. Two of the incidents were at Lilac on the hill. The Friday evening peak was much lighter than normal and the majority of people took the warnings and stayed home.

The video posted during the event happened somewhere in West County near Highway 40.

This section of 270 has been known to be a speed trap target by the Illinois State Police in recent weeks. Last weekend they caught someone allegedly going 100 on 255 just north of 270:

When the admins post about the traffic enforcement going on 270, usually at least one ISP vehicle has been spotted along 270. Last week there were 3 vehicles pulled over westbound at one time. Please slow down and move over for them.



Weather permitting, there will be mainline lane closures on 270 between Route 3 and Troy that will begin tonight and last through October. The lane restrictions are limited from 18:00 to 06:00 from Sunday through Thursday.  There is additional restrictions that stretch east of the interchange with I-55/70, so everyone that comes out of Highland and Greenville needs to be aware of that.

In short, the I-270 mainline lane restrictions go from MM 3 to MM 18 (please note that I-70 mile markers east of I-55/70 interchange corresponds with I-270, not I-70).


The first Monday of 2016 did not get off to a good start.  With traffic still heavier than normal with the southbound lanes of 67 and the Clark Bridge still off limits with no supposed end in sight, it marked the second time in less than a week there would be delays of at least one hour and a peak hour incident in the westbound direction during the morning peak:


Except this morning there is not one but TWO incidents, with the one near Route 3 being the most serious. Both happened during the busiest hour of the day.  What do these two incidents did:

The locals in that one Riverbend specific Facebook group simply went off.

If the morning peak was bad enough, the evening picked up where the morning left off:


Didn’t find anything else about the stalled vehicle but the accident on the bridge itself caused delays in both directions as emergency crews spent almost an entire hour clearing it.

Last but not least came shortly after the 18:00 hour eastbound past the Lilac exit (still active as this post is being written at 19:26):


This one blocked one eastbound lane and caused traffic to back up to 367.

If anyone was that interested what happened last week, it wasn’t a good week at all:

Both eastbound mainline lanes were blocked for over an hour – but it happened middle of the night.

That incident caused hour long delays on the first morning of that heavier than normal traffic – during the heaviest hours of the day.

There is a slight risk for severe weather issued by the NWS for Labor Day, more likely in the afternoon and evening hours.  There is a bust potential with the storms, however, as the forecast calls just for a 10% to 40% chance of storms.

There is a chance there could be unrelated traffic delays tomorrow afternoon at an undisclosed location, as announced on the local news earlier today. As it is an holiday weekend, the Monday evening peak will be lighter than normal.  The editor will be spending Labor Day at work, so updates will be very spotty and only on breaks.

North County Update

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Although the emotions are still running high and the protests in Ferguson are still happening, it is apparent that calmer heads are starting to prevail.  The admins have been monitoring this since the original incident happened Saturday afternoon in broad daylight.  The decision has been made to lift the #CodeYellow advisory effective 06:00 August 15, however, please keep in mind that local travel delays may still be encountered on W. Florissant Ave. south of 270 and on New Florissant near the police station for a few more days. While the protests are still happening, the risk of thrown debris off the various overpasses on the I-270 corridor have subsided for now.  The majority of the protests are taking place about 1 1/2 to 2 miles south of I-270.

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – IDOT is delaying planned lane closures on the Chain of Rocks Bridge that were slated to start today.
Originally, IDOT was going to close the westbound right lane on the Chain of Rocks Bridge over the Mississippi River from 9am-3pm starting Monday and then continuing Tuesday.
But IDOT says Monday`s closure has been cancelled because of problems with the equipment that was going to be used.
The westbound right lane closure is still set to happen Tuesday 9am-3pm.
Then on Wednesday and Thursday, crews are still planning to shut down the right lane going eastbound from 7:30am-3pm.
IDOT officials tell us the lane closures are needed to perform annual inspections on the bridge`s structural components.
IDOT says they still believe the inspections can be finished by Thursday so the lane closures won`t be pushed until Friday.

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Tonight this video was posted on YouTube with the crossings in the St. Louis area:

The facebook group that is run by the person that made the video soon came out several comments all bashing about IDOT short sighted nature for the I-270 corridor.

Here is the video originally posted in January, slowed down and includes both canal and river bridges.

new site for this blog

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Starting today, all future posts will be made at  Please update the bookmarks.  Older posts will still be available at the blogspot location.

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>I’m in the process of rewriting this blog tonight, and it will be easier to read all about the issues when it is all said and done.


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>Unless anything important happens, there will be no updates for the next 3 weeks due to vacation and having to work potentially 7 straight nights when I return to work from vacation. I will be keeping tabs on twitter when I am out of town, however.

IDOT added another camera link from the bridge, and you can just forget using the MP1 live feed video. This one literally puts you on the bridge.