Important Links

Below are links to important sites and how to contact your legislators and public officials.

Last updated: June 17, 2016 – added a IDOT study page.

Winter Road Conditions



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Live Feed Cameras

Except for the live feed cam at Riverview, all cameras are from IDOT.  The Riverview camera is MoDOT.

IDOT cameras link

I-270 at Riverview:

Other links of interest

Media Links

Other Links

Contacting your public official

If you think changes need to be made, here is the information of the people that really need to be contacted. While you can post comments to the articles via your Twitter or Facebook accounts, the only true way that things get done is by going after the politicians and the government agencies themselves. Below are links to the website of the local politicians, IDOT, MoDOT, and East-West Gateway. This page will be updated from time to time as needed, for security purposes no phone numbers will be listed. (However, most links do have pages with their phone numbers listed.)

Illinois General Assembly

Dwight Kay

William Haine – his contact form

Daniel Beiser

Missouri General Assembly

Steve Webb

Tommie Pierson

US Congress

Mike Bost (link will become active after 1/5/15)

Richard Durbin

Mark Kirk

Roy Blunt

Claire McCaskill

William “Lacy” Clay

Government Agencies and other organizations


MoDOT St. Louis District

East-West Gateway BoardPublic Officer Directory


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