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Approximately 13:45 yesterday afternoon, at least one vehicle was involved in an incident eastbound at Lilac.  Although the incident only blocked one lane and appeared to be minor, the lane closures and delays would linger well into the evening peak and it was not cleared before 17:00.

Due to the issues with Spectrum that the majority of the locals were having the past two days, it took longer than expected to get the information out about the incident, and not a lot of other details were disclosed.

It was supposedly not the only incident that happened, as one of the other admins indicated that there was another eastbound incident near the bridges that allegedly took place earlier that day, and there was an peak hour westbound incident east of the bridges:

It was the second straight morning of a peak hour westbound incident as well.


Just like every September, we have to warn everyone of an infamous tradition that tends to go down this section of 270. I much rather not to make a post about it, but as long as the tradition continues, this topic is still necessary to bring up on a annual basis. This ride has been going on for almost 20 years now and it is expected to bring at least 1500 to 2000 motorcyclists. Some of them will be making poor decisions during the ride.

What is shown below are some of the antics they pulled last year. I personally drove through 3 accident scenes on 270 last year during the event. If you must use westbound 270 from Route 3 into North County on Saturday afternoon, I suggest you do it at your own risk and expect delays.

That is just what happened on the canal bridge.

Nothing from last year that popped up on social media went viral, but it only takes one epic fail caught on video or one sinister stunt for that to occur.

taylor swift reputation IDOT trolling

From 16:30 to 18:30 tonight, IDOT has scheduled an open house format public meeting regarding the section of 270 between Riverview to 157.  In fairness, this means anywhere on this section of 270 is considered fair game and feel free to give them some serious heat about how the reputation around here is so infamous.

If you are unable to attend (possibly due to Taylor Swift concert that just happens to be tonight), you will have two weeks to send in the written comments (information will be posted as it becomes available but not before I get off of work early Wednesday morning).

UPDATE 9/19/19 at 13:29

One of the followers sent some private messages that indicated a planned conversion of the 270/111 interchange from a cloverleaf to a diverging diamond but not a lot of other information including the 270 mainline itself.  Right now too many questions that need to be answered.  Obviously the interchange at 111 has much more truck traffic than the DDI at Dorsett.

Weather permitting (so far favorable weather but very hot) there will be mainline lane restrictions during off peak hours both today and tomorrow as crews will be conducting bridge inspections at the canal bridge.

Since nobody wants to go through a week like that one when the canal bridge inspections were eastbound about 5 years ago, please respect the reduced speed limits and pay attention out there.

Shortly after 23:10 last night there was an incident eastbound at or near the 1.2 MM (between the bridges).  The heavy police influence caused by the incident resulted in both eastbound lanes being closed at least 90 minutes, and by the time I was able to check the social media accounts it had cleared.  (I didn’t check it until 2 in the morning, but thank you to the people that posted information to the Facebook page.)

I turned on the news at 4 in the morning to see if there was more information from the supposed excitement and allegedly the incident was an result of an earlier incident that happened at the other side of the 270/255 loop.

There is still no information being disclosed by the law enforcement at this time, and if more details come out it will be posted in due course.

UPDATE 4/28/18 at 01:15 – the incident on EB 270 was the conclusion of a supposed crime spree that began first thing Thursday morning and 5 male suspects are in custody per KMOV.  No names have been released as none of them have been booked as of Friday evening.

In addition, one of the followers that was caught in the traffic jam confirmed the orange Dodge truck was recovered and towed back towards Missouri by law enforcement officials.

That incident was the second time eastbound has been closed this week, as there was one on Sunday that was unrelated but only caused a closure of less than an hour:

If we counted the one that happened late on April Fools day it would be the third one of the month.

Weather permitting, there will be lane restrictions at random locations on 270 between Riverview and Route 3:

Crews are expected to work on the lighting, which has been non existent in spots (especially just to the west of the canal bridge that been out for a least a year), or had an outage in recent weeks (the ones that got knocked out in a recent accident are working again but there are still a few non functioning poles).

As such, expect delays, an enforced speed limit of 45 MPH, and pay attention to the crews. It is doubtful that pothole patching will take place tomorrow but there are two new potholes on the river bridge in the westbound direction between MM 35.4 and MM 0.0, both in the right lane, and the one cannot be avoided.

The word goes when there is one big incident, there is another within a short time frame.  Whether you treat this one and/or the one that happened in West County yesterday as such, please keep in mind this is the time of the year that the big ones have a tendency to happen.

When it came to both incidents that happened today (the one on the canal bridge this morning and the river bridge during the ensuing evening peak), the admins missed both of them.  One was at work and the other two were asleep on the first one (late nights mean sleeping through the mornings), and all were at work for the second one.  The page cannot be monitored on a 24/7 basis so please make use of these facebook groups:

Meanwhile this morning several vehicles were involved in this morning peak hour incident on the canal bridge:

This one backed up traffic to 111 and someone bragged that it took over 90 minutes to get from the Riverbend to Chesterfield via 270 this morning. This incident only took 30-40 minutes to get cleared but happened in the busiest hour of the morning.

Meanwhile the evening peak did not get off to a good start:

It took 20 minutes to clear this minor incident on the river bridge at the beginning of the evening peak. This one also happened westbound.

Both incidents paled in comparison to the two big ones that happened on 270 yesterday – just that it happened in West County and caused 9 long hours of traffic nightmares for some of the people that use 270 out of the Riverbend and then head towards West County:

And this came following a morning peak incident up in North County that managed to back up traffic towards 367:

It is safe to say that 270 has been a beast during the morning peak the past few weeks. Any other words to describe it would likely require NSFW warnings.

The latest winter winter event brought at least 3 mainline incidents between Routes 367 and Route 3 and possibly a few more that we missed. Two of the incidents were at Lilac on the hill. The Friday evening peak was much lighter than normal and the majority of people took the warnings and stayed home.

The video posted during the event happened somewhere in West County near Highway 40.

This section of 270 has been known to be a speed trap target by the Illinois State Police in recent weeks. Last weekend they caught someone allegedly going 100 on 255 just north of 270:

When the admins post about the traffic enforcement going on 270, usually at least one ISP vehicle has been spotted along 270. Last week there were 3 vehicles pulled over westbound at one time. Please slow down and move over for them.

NOTE: some of the incidents that will be mentioned actually happened LAST WEEK but with two of the admins being out of the area for most of that week the focus was on Ride of the Century related stuff. 

First here is the video relating to the Ride of the Century that has pissed off the admins so much that it is worth posting it again:

Warning: video contains a lot of profanities.  Please watch with caution.  If you been wondering why Ride of the Century related stuff have to be posted every year, this video is a good reason why.  It is not about giving those crazies the attention: its about warning the truckers that are not familiar with this section of 270 about the stupidity that comes with this event.  One of the incidents that happened on 270 further into North County narrowly missed a tractor-trailer.

Ever since last week started, the evening peak has been anything but smooth sailing.  Last Monday one of the admins stumbled upon this incident on the way home from a work-related function:

It caused the eastbound lanes to back up to 367 and takes nearly 45 minutes to clear. It was just the beginning of a long night despite the fact one of the admins had a very early bedtime due to work:

While this incident did not impact the mainline, it caused ramp closures at Riverview and it was not until midnight before it cleared.

Two days later another eastbound peak hour incident took part near the canal bridge, and around the same time an westbound incident allegedly happened:

The traffic delays went back to 367 on the incident near the canal bridge, and it appeared that the live feed camera at Lilac was suggesting an alleged secondary incident that went unconfirmed.

If the new week was to be an improvement, it wasn’t:

The admins missed this one due to work related reasons but this one was westbound.

Today’s livechat on STLToday brought yet another question regarding the ramp from 270 to Riverview.  That ramp from Riverview to EB 270 is very dangerous and one of the admins knows that ramp very well.  Our pro tip is to come to a stop at the very top of the hill (but still on land, do not stop on the bridge) and wait for an opening and get on the mainline as quickly as possible.  Any countermeasure for this ramp is years away and probably will not occur before IDOT doing something about the river bridge.  However, developers have upped the ante in recent months, MoDOT resumed their North County study, and IDOT started their own study earlier this year.

Regarding the recent trend of crunch time starting as early as 06:30 up in North County, one of the admins have confirmed that.  The reason why it slows down at 367 is that the ramps between Old Halls Ferry and West Florissant is poorly designed and any incident at that time of the morning can back up traffic to the canal bridge.  270 up in North County is also hilly, so sight lines do have a role in the problems.  367 is also when all the Clark Bridge regulars get on 270.  There are Facebook groups out there that check traffic status on 367 and 270, so please make use of those groups.

As of 9/22, the admins are still camping social media for footage of alleged incidents that happened.

The footage posted on YouTube is not very long, but highlights a danger that the admins feared could happen for a long time.

You may want to go through the video from the 1:56 to the 2:05 mark over and over, it is that short.  The person operating that motorcycle was a very lucky person. We wished there was a better video of this incident out there.

This subsequent video showed an possible impact that it allegedly caused, and possibly hinted there was more than one incident:

This footage goes from 26:40 to the 33:00 mark. Around the 31:10 mark you will notice the riders coming to the stop, and it happens a second time around 32:45 before they get off the bridge. In between the two moments is a dangerous wheelie being performed by another rider.

UPDATE 9/26/2016 at 19:22 – This video has since been uploaded to YouTube and it confirms 2 incidents on the river bridge from the event.  The shocking part: both incidents happened within minutes of each other.  (The admins could not believe the footage even after seeing it.)

Below are images and videos of other footage found on social media.

This one had a near miss on Route 3 just before 270.

The next one happened just down the road in North County:

This also happened in North County but on 170:


Crews are scheduled to close the right lane on WB 270 between the bridges tomorrow night from 18:00 to 22:00 for a sign replacement project.  The lanes will also be closed during the same time frame on June 23.