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This morning shortly after 10:10, demolition crews blasted the parts of the old canal bridge that was over land:

Thanks to Buzz for filming and uploading this video. The single-digit temperatures at the time of the implosion limited the number of spectators at the event.

Despite the fact the implosion went smoothly, there was an incident at Lilac during the closure:

Whether or not it was related to the closure was up in the air – the editor was at work at the time. It was cleared at 11:30.  270 was reopened by 11:10.

With the implosion completed, the good news is that there will be no more full closures of this section of 270 for the remainder of this project.


Due to weather-related reasons that caused the original date of February 17 to be called off, IDOT announced today that the new date for the final implosion will be February 19.  270 will be closed between Riverview to Route 3 starting at 10:00 and will reopen at 12:00.  The blast is scheduled to happen at 10:15.  MoDOT will be imposing lane restrictions starting at Route 367 as early as 09:30, and eastbound entry ramps to 270 from Route 367, Bellefontaine, Lilac, and Riverview will be shut down.

Please dress warm if you plan on attending the demolition by using the Route 66 canal bridge as the viewing site, as temperatures on Thursday morning are expected to be in the single digits with wind chills below zero.

Due to the admins having work/school during the time of the demolition, the facebook/twitter account may not be monitored during this event.  Please watch the feeds of @chrisregniertv and @marycooleyBnd on twitter on Thursday morning.

This was announced this afternoon:

Despite questionable weather projected this weekend into the early part of next week, the final phase of the canal bridge implosion will take place on February 17 between 10:00 to 12:00.  The closure is weather permitting.  The implosion will bring down what is left of the green canal bridges:

IMG_2780 IMG_2789

With the closures, please refer to the detour routes that you may opt to use.  If all goes well, this should be the last full closure for this phase of the canal bridge project.  MoDOT will start closing lanes at 367 starting at 09:30 on the day of the implosion with all eastbound entry ramps at 367, Bellefontaine, Lilac, and Riverview shut down.

Viewing area has been set up on the Route 66 canal bridge (the silver one) – and viewers should be expected to bundle up as the morning temperatures are expected to be in the teens and low 20s.

Speaking of the implosion, these videos show the previous one:

After dealing with a botched implosion on Tuesday morning that caused unexpected eastbound chaos for the ensuing evening peak and an subsequent emergency closure this morning to finish the job, the second phase of the old I-270 canal bridge implosion is complete. That video was shot from a spectator. Look at the right side of the video where the explosives did not detonate, the left part almost did not come down. This was obviously top story in the local news that evening, and the contractor involved is now on the hook for the second implosion and subsequent repairs. The evening peak ended up going to hell with average drive times going over 1 hour for this section of 270, and viewers did not hesitate to vent their frustration:

To make matters worse, this did not go without other incidents that simply complicated matters:

That incident blocked the mainline lanes for a short time and takes an hour to clear.

This one had to occur on a key alternate route that had a heavier than normal traffic day due to the chaos on 270.

can't see the incident from this shot but it is just past that curve by the Riverview exit

can’t see the incident from this shot but it is just past that curve by the Riverview exit

There was one other incident that took place while the full closures were in place but it was not blocking the mainline lanes at the Riverview exit around 11:30.

Well, the next morning comes and the morning peak does not come without incident either:

It was either a combination of the full moon that was happening or people taking a look of the sudden change of scenery brought on by the implosion.   This incident is cleared in 40 minutes but takes an hour for traffic to return to normal.

The second blast happened at 10:00 Wednesday and goes smoothly:

But there was another incident at Route 367 while the closure was still in effect:


This incident blocked the right lane at the MoDOT work zone and backed up traffic to W. Florissant.  This incident would remain active for 45 minutes before it was cleared.

Also this event brought some karma to Cornbread:

Due to an implosion of the old westbound canal bridge structure that was apparently botched, IDOT has announced that tomorrow from 09:45 to 12:00 that 270 in both directions from Riverview to Route 3 will be closed once again for another blast of the old westbound canal bridge structure.  Weather is not expected to be favorable tomorrow but that system is not expected to arrive until the evening peak.

Until that happens, unless otherwise has been announced on Twitter, one eastbound 270 lane will remain closed on the new canal bridge.  This means peak hour traffic tonight need to consider the detour routes as a #CodeRED alert is likely going to go up soon for the evening peak.

The local IDOT district office has confirmed via Twitter today:

Keep in mind that it is weather permitting, and the emphasis is that the weather for Sunday into Monday is not favorable at all, as the forecast is hinting at more winter precipitation. It is still too soon to delve into that details right now, as Mother Nature has simply busted forecasts all season long. (This will be a separate post if it is warranted.)

Westbound canal bridge that is about to be imploded, photo taken July 2014.

Westbound canal bridge that is about to be imploded, photo taken July 2014.

The implosion is what was once the westbound span of the canal bridge on 270.  Once again, due to the nature of this job, a full closure of 270 from Riverview to Route 3 is required.  Please make use of the emergency detour routes that are available – the two options is going back through St. Louis on I-64 or I-70, or going through Alton via Route 143 and 367.

A public viewing will be set up on the island side of the Route 66 canal bridge (the silver one) for this implosion.  It has been requested that people intending on watching the implosion to be there by 9 AM.  There will be warning horns at the 5 minute and 2 minute marks like the last implosion.  Again, expect some walking to get to the viewing area as parking is limited.

The mainline lanes and various entry ramps east of 367 will be shut down starting at 10:00, and should be reopened by 12:00 should everything goes well.

Phase one of the implosion happened at 10:33 today and went without incident:

A large crowd lined the old Route 66 canal bridge to witness the implosion of what was once the eastbound span of the canal bridge on 270.

All mainline lanes were reopened by 11:50 with just minor delays.

Photo galleries may be found at KSDK, and from Flickr.  Both the Belleville News Democrat and the Alton Telegraph put the implosion in the front page of the newspaper on January 21.

There are two more implosions scheduled – posts regarding those implosions will be made when the dates are confirmed and official press releases has been made. The tentative dates of those implosions are February 4 and February 17, weather permitting.

UPDATE 1/22/15 at 01:43 – added a few links.

File photo form May 2013.

File photo form May 2013.

As hinted last month, IDOT has officially announced the date of the first implosion to take place on January 20.  Due to the safety reasons with the nature of this job, a full closure of 270 from Riverview to Route 3 is required.  This closure will be from 10:00 to 12:00 weather permitting on the 20th.  The weather forecast is expected to be favorable this weekend into early part of next week.  This implosion is for what was once the eastbound bridge over the canal.  The westbound bridge will be imploded at a later date, along with a third implosion for an approach span.

EDIT: MoDOT will be closing ramps to eastbound 270 from Route 367, Bellefontaine, Lilac, and Riverview during this time window.  You will be required to go southbound on Riverview once you get off at 270.

With this, you will need to know the detour routes.  You can either go north towards Alton or south towards St. Louis.  Right now the Calhoun Ferry routes may be impacted due to ice on the river – so do not rely on that option.  (If the ferries reopen, we will pass this on, this is peak bald eagle season in this area.)  It is best to get off either at 367 or 255 to access routes to get to the other bridges.

For the people that do enjoy watching extreme demolition, a public viewing area will be set up along the east end of the Chain of Rocks Road by the old Route 66 canal bridge.  This area will only accommodate a limited number of spectators and you may have to walk up to a mile to get to the site.