Dangerous stunt riders (again)

Posted: 2011/09/18 in construction, IDOT, safety
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As mentioned in the previous post the stunt riders were out this weekend for the annual “Ride of the Century” put on by a stunt bike club out of St. Louis.  It makes the local news, and there were no doubt they were going to cross on the Chain of Rocks at some point.  Today was spent going over Youtube searching for ROC 2011 videos and sure enough some of the first ones posted did show such footage.  The first video jump to the 1:30 mark of it.

Sure enough, like anyone was surprised at that would happen.  That clip lasts for 10 seconds.  A second such clip starts around 1:55 of the same video but doesn’t last but a few seconds.

Edit 9/19/19: A second such video has surfaced, which is even more shocking than the first. Imagine if this stunt got botched it would not been pretty.

This is beyond illegal – its stupid. Please try these on closed courses not on your public highways.

There will likely be more videos coming out in the coming weeks.  Last year ROC produced at least 5 known videos on YouTube that had such footage right there on the bridge.

In unrelated news, expect some random off-peak lane closures this week in the westbound lanes, as IDOT scheduled inspection last Wednesday got rained out and there is some construction equipment sitting on the shoulder around MP 1.0 that could very well be used to shut down a lane.


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