Both admins were asleep last night (with me on vacation last week I had gone to bed much earlier than normal but its back to work this evening) when this happened along with the majority of the followers, but for a time westbound was blocked between Riverview and Lilac for a serious MVA that sadly proved fatal for one person.  The incident happened shortly before midnight in the 23:00 hour (approximately 11:15 PM).  While the details of the incident remain undisclosed at this time, the lanes would not reopen for at least two hours.


Because one of the admins was at work and the other was asleep until noon (the wonderful joys of working the late shift), we were not able to post when it happened live and had to post on a delay. Followers that witnessed it went to the Facebook group instead and I was able to get the details after the fact.

The recent surge of heat that came through has caused an increased chance of tire blowouts and apparently one of the vehicles involved had a blowout and caused an incident that involved one other vehicle. It appeared to be an unlucky incident that happened at the worst possible time of the day.

This incident takes over two hours to clear and westbound was blocked for some time. At least one hour of traffic delays happened as Mitchell FD tried to get to the scene.

Weather permitting (so far favorable weather but very hot) there will be mainline lane restrictions during off peak hours both today and tomorrow as crews will be conducting bridge inspections at the canal bridge.

Since nobody wants to go through a week like that one when the canal bridge inspections were eastbound about 5 years ago, please respect the reduced speed limits and pay attention out there.

Shortly after 23:10 last night there was an incident eastbound at or near the 1.2 MM (between the bridges).  The heavy police influence caused by the incident resulted in both eastbound lanes being closed at least 90 minutes, and by the time I was able to check the social media accounts it had cleared.  (I didn’t check it until 2 in the morning, but thank you to the people that posted information to the Facebook page.)

I turned on the news at 4 in the morning to see if there was more information from the supposed excitement and allegedly the incident was an result of an earlier incident that happened at the other side of the 270/255 loop.

There is still no information being disclosed by the law enforcement at this time, and if more details come out it will be posted in due course.

UPDATE 4/28/18 at 01:15 – the incident on EB 270 was the conclusion of a supposed crime spree that began first thing Thursday morning and 5 male suspects are in custody per KMOV.  No names have been released as none of them have been booked as of Friday evening.

In addition, one of the followers that was caught in the traffic jam confirmed the orange Dodge truck was recovered and towed back towards Missouri by law enforcement officials.

That incident was the second time eastbound has been closed this week, as there was one on Sunday that was unrelated but only caused a closure of less than an hour:

If we counted the one that happened late on April Fools day it would be the third one of the month.

Once again, the weather is expected to hold off to allow crews from Kinney Contractors to do weekend lane restrictions westbound at the river bridge.  The lane restriction will last from 9 AM today until 5 AM Monday.

While we don’t anticipate delays of three hours like it allegedly happened on the other side of the 270/255 loop on Wednesday, delays up to 60 minutes during the Friday evening peak period is possible.

After several weekends of poor weather that kept crews away, the recent run of nice weather has brought out the construction cones in the Riverbend area.constructioncat

Not only westbound 270 is going to be affected at the river bridge this weekend, IDOT crews are bold enough to close a section of 55/64 between the 55/70/64 split and Route 3 this weekend as well:


As such expect delays up to 60 minutes if you are going westbound, with the longer delays more likely as the evening peak is going on.

For the second straight weekend crews will be out closing the right lane westbound at the river bridge.  The closures will begin at 9 this morning and last until the wee hours of early Monday morning.

In short, expect long delays especially during the day on Friday – potentially up to 60 minutes. These were taken last weekend just to jog the memory:

With any construction zone, reduced speed limits and an increased ISP presence is expected. There was a reason why this got shared last night:

Crews will be out this morning almost as soon as the morning peak ends on the westbound lanes, and the right lane will not reopen until the morning peak on Monday.

Expect delays for Friday, especially in the evening peak hour where westbound traffic could back up all the way to 255. Since the westbound lanes are actually in poor shape (complete with that steel plate near the Riverview ramp), the consequences of the crews missing that 5 AM Monday morning deadline can be severe.

Heavier than normal state police enforcement can be expected this weekend, due to the reduced speed limits and because this was posted yesterday:


The anything goes mentality of weather in this area showed as temperatures were flirting with 80s last week only to get a quick shot of snow early Saturday, and now yesterday temperatures were in the low 70s now to deal with rain changing to freezing rain.

The uncertainty of the models on Sunday made the admins go with the medium peak for Wednesday but when the NWS issued advisories for Wednesday (after the 3 PM deadline to get stuff posted here because of work) the risk was upgraded to high.

The NWS has issued an Winter Weather Advisory but we expect it to be extended or modified later today:

The high risk may have been justified after this happened at the end of the evening peak on Tuesday:

The NWS just issued a Winter Weather Advisory for this evening on this section of 270 for favorable chances of mist, freezing rain, and to an lesser extent inversion fog and snow.  While up to .10 of ice and/or 1 inch of sleet/snow mix is expected, the main issue is that it takes very little ice to potentially cause big problems, this weekend is Mardi Gras weekend, and this area is relatively hilly.   Threat forecasts are typically not run on the weekends but the medium threats for both Thursday and Friday were there in the case the systems that dumped massive amounts of snow just 200 miles to the north ended up busting projected forecasts.  There is a likelihood this one can very well bust as well – the storm tracking just 20 or 30 miles to the south or north can make a big impact to what happens here.  Naturally I would prefer to wait until 4 to 6 hours out to make a post but I have to be at work later this afternoon and I usually go to bed around 5 in the morning.