Phase 2 of Implosion complete

Posted: 2015/02/04 in accident, congestion, construction, IDOT, MoDOT
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After dealing with a botched implosion on Tuesday morning that caused unexpected eastbound chaos for the ensuing evening peak and an subsequent emergency closure this morning to finish the job, the second phase of the old I-270 canal bridge implosion is complete. That video was shot from a spectator. Look at the right side of the video where the explosives did not detonate, the left part almost did not come down. This was obviously top story in the local news that evening, and the contractor involved is now on the hook for the second implosion and subsequent repairs. The evening peak ended up going to hell with average drive times going over 1 hour for this section of 270, and viewers did not hesitate to vent their frustration:

To make matters worse, this did not go without other incidents that simply complicated matters:

That incident blocked the mainline lanes for a short time and takes an hour to clear.

This one had to occur on a key alternate route that had a heavier than normal traffic day due to the chaos on 270.

can't see the incident from this shot but it is just past that curve by the Riverview exit

can’t see the incident from this shot but it is just past that curve by the Riverview exit

There was one other incident that took place while the full closures were in place but it was not blocking the mainline lanes at the Riverview exit around 11:30.

Well, the next morning comes and the morning peak does not come without incident either:

It was either a combination of the full moon that was happening or people taking a look of the sudden change of scenery brought on by the implosion.   This incident is cleared in 40 minutes but takes an hour for traffic to return to normal.

The second blast happened at 10:00 Wednesday and goes smoothly:

But there was another incident at Route 367 while the closure was still in effect:


This incident blocked the right lane at the MoDOT work zone and backed up traffic to W. Florissant.  This incident would remain active for 45 minutes before it was cleared.

Also this event brought some karma to Cornbread:


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